Niagara Falls Vacation Tips

Where To Stay And What To See

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Creating the perfect Niagara Falls vacation takes a bit of planning since there is a lot more to do here than simply watch the water over the 3 majestic falls which are collectively referred to as Niagara Falls. The entire falls area encompasses land in both the US and Canada and consists of 3 falls - Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and American falls as well as great hotels, fine dining and a ton of activities to keep any vacationer happy.

The first thing you want to do when planning your vacation is to find lodging and there are many hotels as well as bed-and-breakfast in both New York on the American side in Ontario on the Canadian side. If you plan on driving between the two countries, you want to be sure to bring either a birth certificate or a passport with you. Passports are not required to enter the US until January of 2008 but you must have a birth certificate in order to gain entry.

Aside from your passport or birth certificate, there are some other things you should pack for your Niagara Falls vacation. If you are traveling during the spring and fall, it can get cold up there so be sure that you pack warm clothing. The summer months are usually quite warm so you want to be sure you have shorts and T-shirts. If you plan on eating in any of the finer dining establishments or taking part in some of the nightlife there, you'll want to be sure to pack some of your dressier your outfits.

There are plenty of attractions in Niagara Falls, not the least of which is the Falls themselves, and you want to be sure to set aside enough time in your vacation so that you can see and do everything you want to. For viewing the Falls, you'll want to visit Queen Victoria Park on the Ontario side and goat Island on the New York side. To get an idea of how the Falls were formed over millions of years, check out the Niagara Gorge discovery Center about a half mile down river from the Falls on the American side. To move between the two cities, you want to take rainbow Bridge which can be crossed in the car on foot or bicycle and is also a great place to see the fireworks on Friday night.

No Niagara Falls vacation would be complete without a trip on the Maid Of The Mist which can be bordered on the US or Canadian side and we'll take you on a birds eye view boat ride by the Falls. However, if you want to get really close up you'll have to visit the Cave of the Winds which will take you on a harrowing Walk where you will find yourself a mere 20 feet from the rushing waters of Bridal Veil Falls. Prepare to get quite wet on either one of these!

If you want an interesting view of the Falls, then you want to visit the New York State observation tower at Prospect Point where you can stand inches away from the American Falls and look out at Horseshoe Falls and the distance. You can board the maid of the mist at the base of the observation tower.

On the Canadian side, you can visit Clifton Hill for some great amusement and entertainment and take a ride on the sky we'll a huge Ferris wheel that will give you a great view of the Falls at the top. Also, don't miss Bird Kingdom Niagara Falls where you can see over 500 interesting birds in a rain forest setting. There is also a water park for the kids and casinos for the adults on the Ontario side.

The Skylon Tower next to Queen Victoria Park is the tallest structure in Niagara and has an outdoor observation deck at the top. Inside Queen Victoria Park, you can take a journey behind the Falls, for an interesting view on its own.

Nearby there are many other attractions you want to visit on your Niagara Falls vacation including a butterfly exhibit, helicopter tours, jet boats, but botanical gardens, an aerospace museum, the hydro plant, and, of course, a daredevil museum where you can see memorabilia of those who have gone over the Falls.